Hey What’s Up You Guys…



The thumbnail from Shane Dawson’s latest YouTube video.

Shane Dawson is one of YouTube’s most popular stars, having over 20 million subscribers. Recently, Dawson has been uploading documentary-type videos on his channel, he has gotten over 33 million views on one titled “Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson.” The video focuses on Dawson and his friends talking about and uncovering conspiracy theories. A conspiracy theory is, as defined by Google Dictionary, “a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.” Shane has been talking about conspiracy theories on his channel for the last couple of years, and fans are loving it. Here are some of Shane Dawson’s most popular and most talked about theories.

First up, some might even say the most talked about theory: The Mandela Effect. This theory is focused around the idea that some things are different than what large amounts of people previously believed. This theory is a bit confusing but here’s a popular example. When you were a kid, do you remember reading about a family of bears? Many people in the world believe that they are called the “Berenstein Bears” but it’s actually spelled “Berenstain Bears.” Many people were confused and frustrated in finding out the true name of these books which begs the question, why does it seem like the name has changed? Another part of this theory suggests that time travel exists in the future and when people travel back in time, they change things slightly which makes us remember things differently. While many people find this theory a little farfetched, people still find it interesting that we all remember something so different than the reality.

“I think this happens because we all watch the same shows as kids and we shorten things automatically and everyone else does it so we think  it’s ok,” Mawadda Tawil, so., said.

Tawil thinks that because we all watch and read the same things as kids, that when names of things get slightly altered we all go along with it.

Another theory is that the popular coffee brand Starbucks purposefully write customers’ names wrong on their coffee cup to gain more publicity. I’m sure we’ve all seen the Instagram and twitter posts about people’s names on their cups, spelled comically wrong. When someone posts a funny picture about how badly misspelled their name was, they are giving free Starbucks free publicity.

Sophomore Caleb Schlaak thinks that Starbucks workers are just trying to do their job.

“I think they’re just in too much of a hustle and under too much stress to make the coffee that they just misspell it accidentally,” Schlaak said.

In Dawson’s most recent conspiracy theory video, he talks about a well-known arcade called Chuck E. Cheese’s. Kids have been going there for years to eat pizza and play fun games, but recently Shane has discovered something about their pizza. The theory is that Chuck E. Cheeses’ employees take leftover pieces that customers didn’t eat and put them together to make a whole new pizza. The crusts don’t line up with the other slices, and some of the cuts of the slices don’t match at all. The cheese on the pizza doesn’t look melted together and toppings like pepperonis seem to have missing halves. Chuck E. Cheeses has been very adamant that the way they roll the dough causes these strange looking pizzas, but is that really a valid explanation?

“The pictures make it seem real but I feel like a business wouldn’t do that, but you never know,” Abbie Green, so., said.

While some of these conspiracies seem too crazy to be true, it is fun to think about things that are a little out of the ordinary and come up with conspiracy theories. If you have any of your own conspiracy theories, tweet us at KennedyTorch.