Perfect Pizza Pronto


Urban Pie, a new pizza joint in downtown Marion, is certainly placed to compete. It’s surrounded by staple pizza places in the Cedar Rapids and Marion areas including Zoey’s Pizzeria, Tomaso’s Pizza, and Michello’s Pizzeria. Lucky for Urban Pie, it’s definitely designed to stick around for a while.

What’s different about Urban Pie? They can have your pizza in front of you in no time. Its 800°F oven cooks the pizzas on a rotating stone oven in only a few minutes. When we sat down, out waiter informed us that our pizzas would be out in about 12 minutes. Speaking of, they were fantastic.

I ordered the taco pizza, which was topped with cheese, lettuce, beef, Doritos and a spiral of taco sauce. Each bite left a really good taste in my mouth, and I couldn’t get enough of it. My mom’s order, “Lily’s Luau,” was a Hawaiian inspired pineapple and banana pepper pizza, and she also loved hers. Urban Pie uses fresh, local ingredients in their pizzas, salads, and wings that also makes me feel good about eating there.

The three of us ordered a total of four pizzas, this is because on Monday nights they offer a ‘buy one get one free’ special. Each night of the week there is a new offer.

The best part was the price, four pizzas and two drinks came to a grand total of only $32.87. While the buy one get one free special certainly narrowed the price, personal pizzas are only $9.95 each. This combined with the deals, the speedy service, and with both dine in and takeout available, Urban Pie has easily become one of my favorite restaurants to eat at.

With a wide selection of all of their menu items, Urban Pie offers a new experience for Cedar Rapids area residents. Even if you live far away, it is definitely worth the trip to Marion.