Vol. 51, Issue 2: Letter from the Editors


Sports are a part of almost everyone’s lives, whether people are spectators or players themselves. High school sports are popular all over the nation, and especially here at Kennedy High School. Playing the sports you love while representing the Cougars is something every student should take advantage of. As volleyball and tennis players, we have made many new friends and created relationships that wouldn’t have been made without being on the team. Many people who play sports in high school seem to look back after they graduate and reminisce on the great memories and bonds made. You’re only in high school once so why not play a sport and gain valuable skills you can use throughout the rest of your life? Having the opportunity to build relationships with coaches and teammates that you can trust and count on is irreplaceable. We encourage all Kennedy athletes to treasure the time they have left playing with their teammates and make the most out of every game.