Overwatch League Strategy and Player break downs.

Overwatch league is one of the biggest gaming events that can be held. There are people coming from all over the world. If you randomly stumble onto the twitch stream that they do, this will help you to have some sense of what is going on.

The teams and gameplay they do are kind of complicated in the fact that they do four maps with different objective types like king of the hill which is holding a point till it reaches 100% for two rounds on different maps. These guys know what they are doing because most are over level 600, and are ranked as either grandmaster or top 500 of their region.

So far, the team that is in the first-place standing is Seoul Dynasty with London Spitfire on their tail. Just as a reference for when I say top 500 or grand master that means that they will at Overwatch competitive a lot. So, I am a Overwatch player and if I were to play against even one of them, I would get beat to the point of just rage quitting.

A lot of Dynasty and Spitfires team comps all revolve around the different offense and support players. But the real strength they have is they know when to change heroes, which means they can adapt to the opponent’s team comps very fast.

Right now, they finished stage one and will be heading into stage two soon which is when they will start to eliminate teams after they have lost. One thing that’s cool is that the 1st place winners gets 50,000 in prize money plus the money they would get for the gear in their teams’ names that fans purchased.

Their gameplay is not too hard to follow but it can have its challenges. It’s hard to tell what kind of Meta they will use will it be dive or triple tank or triple offense? Depending on what the map is or what type of objective they could have a lot of possible team comps. Like most NFL teams you can make a sort of guess at what type of comp they would have if you had seen that team play a lot.

Most of the time Spitfire will go single or triple tank but will almost always have a sniper to keep a distance advantage. A team like LA Gladiators will do a flank style attack comp but if it’s escort they will do what people call a pirate ship. What that is in a nut shell they will glue themselves to the payload and not get off it.

This is a good comp but if most of their team is killed that will mean they will have a hard time getting back on the payload. Most people will not use this comp but it’s a high-risk high-reward comps.

Now does a team running a high-risk comp mean that they are very likely to fail? Well not always because sometimes it will just come down to how insane the player is. For example in comp if there is even a tiny chance that I could get on and contest the objective well, I will do it even if I could be ripped limb from limb.

These guys’ got to where they are by working hard and not giving up in the game which is really commendable. The hardest thing to do in Overwatch is to go up against a team that has players who seem better than you. One they may not be as good as they think they are. Two you have another reason to want them to beat them which if you’re like me you will just do it out of spit.

Overwatch league is just cool. If you just go to the official page you can watch the live streams. You don’t need a blizzard account and you can even order gear from the different teams. It is just fun to watch and you should get a blizzard account. I would recommend Overwatch and if you get it I may just see you there.