Need some pizza? Don’t miss this place

Pizza review wars continue

Need Pizza has exceptional service, exceptional food, and an exceptional environment for all ages.

Need Pizza is an up and coming restaurant, having only opened two years prior in the summer of 2015, and it has since exploded due to the amazing experience always had at the venue.

As you walk inside, there is definitely and old-school or vintage feel to the place, as the opening counter of the restaurant is a huge TV cabinet and there old-school refrigerators decorated with knickknacks. The place feels comfortable.

Multiple TVs are playing, paintings hang across the walls, and comfy furniture for you is found wherever you sit. Next to every table there are wall outlets with two normal plugs, and two USB plugs for plugging in your phone. Underneath the high tables there are hooks to hang coats and purses.

Need Pizza is a restaurant with a bar area for adults, but it is family-friendly, with many child-factors to it.

There is an option to sit at the bar, at a table (low and high), or at a very comfortable booth. Booths are accompanied with a long blackboard stretching across the wall next to the booth, with colorful chalk that children can play with.

The pizzeria does not have a kids menu, so I wouldn’t plan on bringing kids if they aren’t comfortable eating “grown-up” food or pizza, though there are always the plain cheese or pepperoni pizza options.

The menu is short and customizable, fit for most anyone. The pizza comes in small, medium, and large (the large pizza is very large), as well as a 12-inch gluten free option.

There are four sauce options, Red, White, Plain, and Homemade BBQ Sauce. Once you pick your sauce, there are 26 topping options to choose from and you can feel free to mix and match. Their pizza is flatbread and it’s the best like it in Cedar Rapids.

Pizza isn’t the only item on the menu. There is a list of appetizers, salads, and deserts, as well as a specialty pizza every day, if you feel indecisive. Sandwiches are available on their lunch menu.

I’ve gone to Need Pizza too many times to count, and have never been disappointed with their food, and barely ever hear of someone that is. My personal recommendation is artichoke, chicken, and bacon on white sauce.

Finally, the service is some of the best I’ve ever had. Drinks are refilled often, food comes fast, and the workers are kind. You will often see the owners talking to customers or working at the restaurant.

Overall, Need Pizza is an incredible experience and I recommend it to anyone looking for someplace new in town, or anybody passing through looking for the best local cuisine.