Best Buddies

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Anyone can be involved with Best Buddies, an organization where students get to be involved with people of special needs and get to meet new friends.

People join Best Buddies for an opportunity to meet new people in school who they wouldn’t usually meet.

“It’s a good way to get involved,” Courtney Carradus, so., said. “You could meet people that you don’t see normally during the school day.”

Best Buddies is a club that anyone in any grade can be apart. Even though freshmen are new to school they still join the club. Shelby Pickering, fr., joined because she wanted to get involved. “I joined it because I like to help people, all the kids are super sweet and I wanted to interact with them.” Pickering said.

Other people have different reasons why they join best buddies. Some people like to help others and others have had friends with autism.

“When growing up my brothers best friend’s brother had autism. I joined because I thought I could make a difference in others lives.” Melanie Abzug, sr., said.

Best Buddies is a great organization where students here at Kennedy can get involved and meet people in our school who they thought they would never meet. Best Buddies makes a difference in everyone’s lives here at Kennedy.

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