Before I Fall: Review

Before I Fall: Review

Make the most of every moment you have with the people you love. That’s the true theme director Ry Russo-Young displayed through the movie “Before I Fall.”

The movie is based off of the novel (Before I Fall) published by Lauren Oliver in 2010. It came out in theatre’s on March third of this year.

Prior to seeing the movie, I was skeptical of the quality or meaning behind the film. Though it was not full of action, I was pleasantly surprised after viewing the movie. The main character Samantha Kingston (played by Zoey Deutch) gets into a car crash after a party that leads to her “death.” Instead of really dying, Sam experiences the same over and over, and every morning she gets to choose how to live it.

Some people might think that plot would make a boring movie, but it actually had me anxious to see what new things would occur and the different choices Sam would make.

The first time her day is repeated, Sam starts finishing her friend’s sentences for them, and they have no idea what is going. Not sure what to do at that point, she continues to do almost everything the same the first couple days.

Sam is filled with frustration and anger at first, but soon realizes that every little thing she does has a greater impact on society. A quiet loner girl at her school who gets treated poorly, starts to struggle and Sam is determined to help.

As the movie progresses, Samantha’s relationships with her family, friends, and boyfriend change as she lives her life the way she truly wants. Sam also sees more value in her friend Kent, who has been in her  “friend zone” since third grade.

The movie “Before I Fall,” was very relatable because of the high school setting.

I’m not one to spoil endings, but it doesn’t end the way a typical movie would. It did however, leave me with a better perspective on life and each day I have to cherish.

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