Happiness takes over Zoolander


Photo provided by Maryn DeVore

Inspired by the movie “Zoolander”, Happiness Inc. takes the movie into a different perspective.

Happiness worked with the idea from their choreographer, Damon Brown and Coach Storm Ziegler, to create a story show full of entertainment and comedy for the audience that not many show choirs do.

“After watching the movie and talking, flushing ideas out with him, we decided to go for it,” Ziegler said.

During this past summer all members of Happiness were required to watch the movie Zoolander. Members were skeptical at first that they would put together a show with the broad outlines of the movie. They kept an open mind on what would be in their show this year.

“We are using different songs to tell the story of this quote-on-quote fashion icon,” Ziegler said.

The use of fashion and props through the show provides visuals and entertainment like the movie. All 56 members start the show with everyone in black robes so nobody will know what their show is. Their fashion look underneath is exposed when the show begins.

“The rest of the Happiness members tell the story as background performers with very different costumes,” Katie Beer, sr., said.

Happiness suggests a fashion show on stage while they perform. The tech crew plays as their makeup artists during the show, with the use of runway extensions that were built.

“We’ve built runway extensions so models can do their runway walks and stuff like that,” Ziegler said.

The show Happiness puts on infuses the use of comedy which not many show choirs do.

“It’s okay to laugh and react to the things we do,” Beer said.

Happiness has two upcoming competitions in the Cedar Rapids area where you can see the show. They will perform Feb. 11, at the “Mo Show” competition hosted by Washington High school. Kennedy will also be hosting their own show choir competition Feb. 25, “Raise the Roof”, here at Kennedy High school.

“Show choir has become very serious the last few years,” Ziegler said. “Audiences really appreciate being entertained and we’ve heard that over and over again.”