Putting the saucy in focaccia

A review on one of Iowa’s Top 10 Burgers from 2015

Saucy Focaccia on 5100 Fountains Drive NE.

Saucy Focaccia on 5100 Fountains Drive NE.

Looking for a place to get a good burger and fries? Then Saucy Focaccia in Cedar Rapids is the place for you.

Saucy Foccacia is a contemporary restaurant with two locations servicing the greater Cedar Rapids metropolitan area. The original location calls the Newbo City Market home. The second restaurant, which opened in early 2016, is located at The Fountains, a dining and small business district.

The bacon cheeseburger may not seem good for your health, but it is sure good for your taste buds. This greasy burger had perfectly cooked bacon and the perfect amount of sauce. Not to mention that the focaccia bread is truly the best.

After trying their Texas fries, you could say I was “swoon.” Loaded with cheese sauce, onions, tomatoes, sour cream, and jalapenos, the fries are a yummy treat.

On a hot summer day you can even eat your food while enjoying the view of the fountains. Although, I suggest you get a nice cold drink to compliment all the salty food.

The workers at Saucy Focaccia are kind and are always giving warm welcomes to customers. This is a plus because who wants to eat where the servers are non-enthusiastic?

As for the style of the restaurant, they might need to amp up the decor. Although it is simple and clean, it would be more appealing to the eye with more lively decorations though.

Compared to other burger places such as Burgerfeen, Freddy’s, and Culver’s, Saucy Focaccia is definitely my go-to burger joint. Check out their website for more details on the menu.