Classes, graduation may be pushed back

School board to discuss potential 2015-2016 calendar

On Feb. 9 the Cedar Rapids School District held a meeting discussing the potential school calendar for the 2015-2016 school year.

The meeting discussed the changes in the school calendar that include a later start date and a later graduation date for seniors.

The calendar is not final, but it has already been modified one time before the most current version.

If they keep the calendar as it is, school would be starting on Aug. 31 and end on June 9. The last day for seniors would be June 1, and the graduation date would be June 3.

“I don’t think it is fair that seniors are going to get out of school in June,” Olivia Weigel, jr., said, “Every other year seniors have been out of school long before the rest of students get out.”

The calendar first came out on Oct. 14, and then was revised from that to the current version. That version had Cedar Rapids schools getting out on June 25, and seniors on June 18.

“I think a lot of seniors are going to be planning trips and getting ready for college,” Brennan Urbi, jr., said, “If we get out later then we will either have to cancel our plans or shorten them.”

This version of the calendar has the first semester ending on Jan. 21, and the second semester ending on June 9.

“I feel like that is to late to be getting out of school,” Urbi said.

The final calendar recommendations are to be presented during the Board of Education meeting held on Feb. 23.