Peer Tutoring: Learning from a New Perspective

Earlier this week, Principal Jason Kline introduced a new peer tutoring program, that now will run every day during SMART lunch.

“I decided that it would be a good idea to have another option for students to get help, and there are students here who would like to give help, or get service hours for giving help,” Kline said.

On days where teachers are not available for a tutorial over SMART lunch, their subject will be taught by peer tutors in room 64E. Peer tutors were originally nominated by teachers to take part in the program, but due to a large amount of students nominated, Kline sent out an invitation to peer tutor, to which around 50 students responded to, and to which around 40 students  signed up to tutor.

“They can claim service hours for it,” Kline said, “Some teachers may give them tutorial credit for going and doing this, but most of the students just want something to give back with.”

Aren Buresh, a peer tutor, was a part of the AP Fire program during the fall trimester, and felt the call to tutor students once she found out about the new tutoring program.

“I enjoy working with other people, and sharing knowledge,” Buresh said.

Buresh tutors language arts, world language, and math for the peer tutoring program. She sees the ability to claim credit hours for it as an “added benefit,” and does it for the love of helping others.

Tutoring topics for each week are as follows:

Mondays – math, science, and social studies

Tuesdays- language arts, social studies, and world languages

Wednesdays- science, math, and world languages

Thursdays- language arts, science, and social studies

Fridays- language arts, math, and world languages