Prom changes

Lydia Martin

As prom season is wrapping up, the Torch took a look at what Kennedy students enjoyed about their prom. This year, Kennedy’s prom was different then it has been in recent years.

“We just started planning and we first figured out money and everything with that and then we figured out our theme and had to buy decorations,” Hanna Krivit, sr., said.

Krivit is a class officer for the class of 2014. The senior class officers along with teacher sponsors are the people who make prom possible.

“When we thought of theme options and had to have our class choose what they wanted, we ended up going with the Paris theme, and then we chose the decorations and stuff and we talked to Mr. Tolly, he helped us set up grand march,” Krivit said.

This year besides voting on the theme, Kennedy seniors also had to vote for which location and DJ they wanted. Senior class sponsor and teacher Pat Grady presented the idea to seniors of having a DJ with a light show and the dance at Kennedy or a smaller DJ with the dance at Elmcrest Country Club.

In recent years, Kennedy’s prom has consisted of a smaller DJ and the being held at Elmcrest Country Club. However this year, the seniors voted for the new DJ and his light show.

This meant the dance was moved to Kennedy’s west gym with the DJ.

“I think the DJ was really good. I think at first some people were mad but in the end they had fun,” Krivit said, “it wasn’t like a normal high school dance because we had the light show with the DJ and stuff came down from the ceiling which was really cool.”

Many students who attended prom this year seemed to agree with Krivit, ““The DJ was really, really good, Grady’s choice of a DJ was fantastic,” Killian Magee, sr., said.

The Torch also asked students who attended prom last year as well as this year what they liked about the changes.

“It was fun each year,” Derek Jacobus, sr., said, “this year there was a better DJ and we had the dance at Kennedy and this year it was more fun with my classmates instead of with the class above me.”

“I didn’t think the changes were a problem, the stage was pretty cool, that’s where I was. The DJ was pretty raw; he let me throw out stuff into the crowd from the stage. I wish he would’ve played less dub step stuff but it was good,” Annie Feltes, sr., said, “the app that he had was cool because all the songs I requested on their were played at the dance, so I was pretty impressed with that too.”