State of the Union; Kennedy Weighs In


Naomi Hofferber

Many Americans sat down in front of their televisions on January 28th for the State of the Union address, where President Barack Obama gave his speech to the American People about his plan for the second half of his term.

As the speech opened, Obama pointed out what the United States have already done during this term, including the lowest unemployment in five years, added jobs in manufacturing, an improving house market, and the national deficit cut in half.

Despite the good that the country has done, the President also mentioned what needs to be addressed, and this time, he made known his intentions to press forward in the issues he holds as important; regardless of whether or not congress can agree.

“I don’t think he’ll get much done in the next two years, because congress has to approve laws and currently cannot do anything effectively,” Kyle Scheer, so., said. Disagreements between Republicans and Democrats have held many issues at a standstill in congress, and since congress has to agree on a bill before it can be put into action, few laws were put into play the past two years.

However, Obama is not out of options.

“I think he will get more interpretation of laws done than actual legislation,” Kennedy AP Government teacher Patrick Cory, said. The President has the ability to interpret already passed laws in many different ways, giving different meaning to what has already been written as law, a way of going around congress.

Obama called for America to take action to support the middle class, fix faulty tax cuts, better the economy, and to remain a successful nation to be reckoned with globally.

The president has two years remaining to do what he can to push America forward before the next election. Many Kennedy sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be legally allowed to vote next election, and so far only speculation has been made about who will run in the 2016 Election.