Open auditions for the Kennedy improv team

Isabel Neff

The Kennedy improv team is having open auditions in the blackbox. They will be on Oct. 18 from 8 to 10 p.m and anyone audition for being on the improv team.

“Improv is creating a scene and characters without much planning,” Tanner Boyle, jr., said. “Anyone is welcome and we’ll have a great time.” Boyle has been doing improv since his freshman year.

“We wanted the auditions to be open to anyone so people could see what improv was like.” Senior Melanie Nanke is auditioning for improv. ” I saw them preform at One Night last year and I though it would be fun to be on the team.”

At the auditions students will play some warm up improv games then begin drawing situations for actual scenes. “Students will be evaluated on how well they work in the situation, with others, their ability to think on their feet, and move along a plot,” Melissa Osborn, speech director, said.

After the auditions, practices will be closed to students not on the team. The team will be preforming for speech competitions, One Night, Improv Night, the Talent Show, and one of the Academic Assemblies in the spring. The exact dates will be announced later.

“Auditions for the improv team are going to be a yearly thing so anyone can get involved,” Boyle said.