Addison and Sidney Swartzendruber Pull Ahead Together


Isaac White

Junior Addison Swartzendruber runs the 400 Meter Dash at Kingston Stadium.

Addison and Sidney Swartzendruber recently competed at Drake Stadium for state varsity track and field, breaking personal records and quickly climbing the podium. With Addison Swartzendruber holding the title of second fastest 200m dash in Kennedy history and Sidney Swartzendruber with the best half mile at state, it seems their devotion to track is strong. 

The twin’s dad’s side of the family has a history of running track and he coached them up until eighth grade, displayed by their impressive records.

“Sidney and I both started running really young…When we were nine, we started doing local meets and they had a little state meet that we did,” Addison Swartzendruber says. Sidney Swartzendruber adds, “It’s like tradition.” 

As kids, Addison and Sidney struggled with competitiveness and pressure. However, as they’ve grown and matured, they’ve learned to run as a team.

“I know when we were little, it was more of, ‘oh, you have to beat her in a competition because she’s your twin,’” Addison said. “Everybody wants to know who’s faster, you feel like you have to beat her.” 

Sidney Swartzendruber agrees, stating how her mindset has changed. “Yeah we used to view it as negative but now that we’re teenagers it’s a positive thing…we’ve grown.”

Competing at Drake Stadium was a big goal of theirs, and now that they’ve done it, it leaves room to think about their next achievement.

“There’s no specific goal in mind,” Sidney said in regard to having completed her goal of the season. She hopes to pursue track in college and lower her times. “I don’t have any long-term goals for time, I just want to keep picking away.”

Addison has a more solid plan at the conclusion of her junior year. “I would say most of my goals are focused on my time…So, I think, below 56 [seconds] or even 55 [seconds]…I really would like to drop my 400 times.”

The twins hope to continue breaking their records and improving, growing together as athletes and people.