Kennedy’s Production of Chicago is a Must-See


Sophomore Jordan Harvey sings through jail bars.

Kennedy’s Theater Department ends the 2022-2023 school year with a magical production of Chicago. Well, maybe magical isn’t the right word, more like…murderous. 

Chicago showcases the lives of criminals in Chicago during the 1920’s —a time when corruption in the criminal justice system was at an all time high.

Kennedy students did an exceptional job depicting murderous, cunning and sweet characters all in one musical. Lead roles were played by juniors Raiya Hurt (Velma Kelly), Sam Larson (Amos Hart), Luke O’Brien (Billy Flynn) and seniors Elizabeth Goff (Roxie Hart) and Taylor Whidden (Mama Morton). 

Junior Ami Jacobo plays the merry murderess, Liz, and is a part of the ensemble in the production. After long rehearsals and months of preparing for opening night, they believe this is one of the best shows Kennedy has put on. 

“There’s more drive and excitement for [Chicago],” said Jacobo. “We know we have a good show.”

The whole cast did an amazing job recreating songs from the original broadway show. Though they fell through a few times with blunders and diction mistakes, the breathtaking dancing did a great job to cover up the few mistakes in singing. Not only did the leads do an exceptional job, but the ensemble was spot on. The dancing helped illustrate the musical and was altogether beautiful.

There are many plot twists and creative add-ins that make the musical one of a kind. From tap dancing to dramatic cut-offs, you never know what happens next in Chicago.

“There’s two people [tap dancing] at the same time to [Roxie and Amos’] words,” said Jacobo. “You’re gonna love it when you see it.” 

Congrats should also be given to the tech, crew and band, who transformed this musical through phenomenal lighting, sets, props and music. The intricate set not only made the play interesting to watch, but added to the story as it could be changed to fit each scene. 

“The lighting is super cool and dynamic, and everyone in the cast is a fantastic singer and performer so it’s just so visually appealing and auditorily appealing” said Jacobo.

This production truly transported you into Cook County Jail. I felt a range of emotions while watching Chicago, but the most prominent one was a desire to be on the stage with the actors and regret that I wasn’t a part of the hard working group that put together this wonderful musical. 

“It’s such a fun show to watch and even more so to be in,” said Jacobo.

This is a musical to remember. With this being the last show of the year, I can’t wait to see what the theater will do next year. 

“If you didn’t see it you missed out on a cultural event in time,” said Jacobo.

The musical’s last two performances are Saturday, April 22 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. You can purchase tickets at this link.