A Picture Perfect Spring Break


Merideth Langton

Strolling the aisles of Target is a popular pastime in Cedar Rapids.

I drum my fingers away, ready for my last class to be over. Tap, tap, tap, RIIIING. I rush outside as the bell rings, prepared to celebrate a classic Iowa spring break.

My heart races as I discover the beautiful scene outside—brown, gravely, melting snow! Thoughts race through my head. I could build a half soggy snowman, slip on ice or eat a yellow snow cone! Who needs the beach when you have slush?

Putting aside the excitement of snow I make sure to call all my friends to prepare for break. So many plans and places to go. My date at Kwik Star and dreams of playing Mario Kart in the aisles of Target will have to wait: I first have to visit the eighth wonder of the world. 

After driving for miles out of the city I finally found it…

Barren fields of corn.

One old local man we call Joseph Benedict enjoys taking part in a popular Iowan pastime, watching the corn sway in the wind.

“Those people in Florida… they just don’t know what they’re missing,” said Benedict

I head back home to watch the entirety of Outer Banks season three. While the characters have to suffer in the beautiful summer weather, I get to enjoy the incredible 30 degrees and snow storms of the Midwest. 24 hours goes to 48 and 48 to 60, I never stop. Soon it is three in the morning on the last night of spring break.

My sleep schedule is now destroyed: all my goals are complete. 

Ah, what a wonderful spring break!