BSU Celebrates Black History Month One Door at a Time


Samuella Kasha

Teachers across the building decorate the doors for Black History Month.

The Kennedy Black Student Union (BSU) challenged Kennedy staff to decorate a door poster to bring awareness to Black History Month. 

BSU was created to promote activities of common interests as well as provide an educational benefit for all club members. BSU saw this month as an opportunity to not only celebrate Black History Month, but to encourage students to learn about prominent figures in black history. 

“We came up with door posters because it was a great way to outwardly display black history everywhere in the building. The posters also add decoration to the hallways, which is what black history is all about,” said junior BSU member, Quren Hullon.  

Numerous staff members took part in this challenge and created powerful and informative posters about Black History Month. The posters can be seen as you walk down any hallway around Kennedy. 

“I was never very strong in history…and I don’t remember hearing a lot about black history in general. You want to have a connection to the history that you learn about…I feel like quotes from Kevin Hart or Barack Obama are my history, and I wanted to share that,” said French teacher, Jennifer Lange. 

Due to snow days and schedule conflicts, BSU wasn’t able to choose a winner. However, a favorite amongst the group was language arts teacher, Denisse Gonzalez. Gonzalez’s poster highlighted different achievements of black women including the first black millionaire, the first black woman elected to Congress and the first black Miss USA.

“Black History is 24.7.365. The month passes, not us. Stay Black!” the Kennedy BSU said in an Instagram post.