What is National Strawberry Day?


Ayrianna Sherwood

National Strawberry Day is a niche holiday celebrated annually on Feb. 27.

As Valentine’s Day ends, there don’t seem to be holidays to look forward to in the next few weeks. National Strawberry Day is around the corner on Monday, Feb. 27.

There are almost 200 national food days in the United States. TikTok made this holiday popular with millions of videos circling the strawberry-themed day. Trends include harvesting them, making desserts, art, clothing and songs. The aesthetic of the strawberry has taken off, in turn making its national day more celebrated in recent years.

National Strawberry Day was first implemented in 2013 by most grocery chains. The day stuck and is still recognized today.

“I love the idea of a whole day just for strawberries, it makes me so happy. I plan on candying some with my friend as a way to celebrate,” said junior Natalie Ruggeri.

While National Strawberry Month is in May and harvesting season is in mid-June, this gives people a way to enjoy the little things at the end of the winter season—even if the little things are as simple as strawberries.