Student Government Implements Free Feminine Hygiene Products in Bathrooms


Emma Beachner

Sanitary product basket in women’s bathroom at Kennedy

Kennedy’s Student Government has begun to supply hygiene products in women’s bathrooms. Starting the last week of September, tampons and pads started to show up in the women’s bathrooms across Kennedy.

Student Government Leader, Joseph Benedict, calls it an “obvious need.”

“There’s a convenience factor,” said Benedict. “You need it when you’re there, not after walking down to the nurses office to get one.”

There are dispensers for sanitary products in every girls restroom, but this requires students to buy the products and most of the time the dispensers aren’t full. 

Student Government member, Madison McCarty, saw this as a problem.

“It’s important that girls have an environment where they can get materials and not have to pay for them,” said McCarty.

A drive for products was held the week of Sept. 26, but the student government will continue to accept donations to Benedict’s room all year. 

A major concern for this mission was the question of how they could monitor the products and make sure people don’t misuse the given supplies.

“The hope is that students will use what they need and leave some for others,” said Benedict.