Aiyanna Gervin: History in the Making


Tori Paga

Gervin poses before heading into the game.

Football has been a historically male-dominated sport. This school year, sophomore Aiyanna Gervin joined the football team for her first year ever. With a history of flag football under her belt, Gervin decided to give the real thing a shot.

“I had played flag football when I was younger and I was the only girl in it too…I just had an interest in it, and I know not very many girls play football,” said Gervin.

Gervin first started as Kennedy’s quarterback, but has adjusted since the beginning of the season to be a defensive lineman. 

“I have faced lots of challenges and still do…but I kept my head up and fought not just for me but all women athletes in male-dominant sports,” said Gervin.

She’s sent out on the field whenever needed. While she may be the only girl on the team, she doesn’t let roadblocks get in the way of football.

“If you want to play, you have to be mentally tough…keep your head up and don’t let anyone tell you differently,” said Gervin.

Gervin works hard on the field, and when she gets stumbled by adversity she thinks about the future generations of little girls in sports.

With the team having eight wins so far, Gervin plans to finish out the rest of season. While it’s uncertain if she’ll be playing next year, her experience on the team will be one to remember. For the year of 2022, she’s here to make history.