An Alternative to Prom with Your Mom


Kaylia Richards

A trio of boys get together for morp after being stood up by their dates.

Have you ever thought prom was overrated or just never cared for school dances? Well then welcome to morp, it’s like prom, but not. Morp is nothing more than a small gathering in comfortable clothes in a bedazzled basement. Much easier than getting ready for prom, right?

In times where it’s nearly impossible to find a tux because everywhere in town is either sold or rented out. The worry for everyone is to find a date or be forever immortalized for not having a prom date. The stress of Finding a group to go with. Is it even worth it to go to post prom or the grand march? Or to even go at all?

Let me set the mood for you… It’s a dark and stormy night, you lie awake thinking about how awkward prom is going to be. And you ask yourself, is it even worth it? You ponder that question, wasting away your precious hours of sleep. Then suddenly it hits you. Prom is stupid. You get up the next day and gather your friends. You tell them all about your tremendous idea, morp.

As your eyes gaze upon your peers with excitement as you finish your pitch, you await their response. They immediately reject the idea. But who needs friends anyway? You still have your mom, right?

The decision to skip prom puzzles your mom, but as long as you are happy so is she. The basement party setup is a little janky, but it will do. You sit at the door to see if the girl that rejected you after class changes her mind.

She doesn’t show. So instead, you take morp pictures with your mom. You even put on your most luxurious groutfit matching with your mother. You both look fabulous. In the end, you guys were the most fashionable at morp, she crowns you morp royalty. So, would you go?