Kennedy Hosts Coin Drive for Ukraine Children


Emma Beachner

Kennedy collected coins to donate to children in Ukraine.

Emma Beachner, writer

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022 over seven million Ukraine citizens have been displaced and more than four million have fled the country. The amount of citizen casualties has surpassed 3,000 and the number is still growing daily. 

Over half of the country’s children have left their homes. 63 children were injured and 107 were reported dead by April 7, 2022

Kennedy’s Japanese teacher, Dan Carolin, created a way for students to help. He started a coin drive ,raising money for Ukrainian children. 

“I wanted a way to rally [Kennedy students and staff] together for the kids in Ukraine,” said Carolin.

Kennedy is estimated to have raised $2000 in total but the official total has not been released. 

Alison Gardner’s fifth hour won the heavyweight competition with 86 lbs of coins. The platinum elite champion was Tracy Bowers’ fifth hour with a total of $110.00. Both classes will each be rewarded with donuts for their large contributions. 

All the money raised will go to the Save the Children foundation, a humanitarian aid organization that helps children in need. 

Bowers matched all her fifth hour classes’ donations. She put in $10 per pound, donating a total of $100. 

“I wanted to get the kids involved. I miss the community we had at Kennedy and wanted to revive that,” said Bowers. 

If Kennedy raises over $3,000, Kline will wear a wig to school and a representative and the teacher from the winning classes will pie Principal Jason KIine in the face. 

Along with hoping that the donations will help Ukrainian children, Carolin hopes this will “Rekindle the spirit of giving that we have here at Kennedy,” and more fundraisers like this will continue here at Kennedy.