Trap Club Officially Starts Their Season


Trap Club is a national sport where participants shoot clay pigeons with shotguns, practicing accuracy and agility. The goal is to shoot 25 pigeons without missing any in increasingly shorter times for each level. Students compete in meets against other Iowa schools from March until the state competition at the end of June.

Trap is a unique experience not available in some other states. Though some states do have trap clubs. Many do not because of minor safety laws. Kennedy’s trap club meets earlier than other clubs and sports since they start fundraising and organizing for the season in the fall. 

“I think people should join trap as a fun experience to try out,” sophomore Marissa Schaldecker said. “A lot of people are hesitant when they hear it involves guns, especially if they don’t like them, but it’s completely worth it.”

Gun safety is a large part of why many participate in Trap Club. Students are taught how to properly handle a gun and use it with good technique. A safety course is mandatory for all members.

“One of the benefits is teaching gun safety,” Schaldecker said. “That’s the first thing we ever learn. You can also do it in college, there are major scholarships for it.”

Trap isn’t just a gun club hosted by the schools, it’s an experience that allows students to build bonds with their peers. The team works together on gun safety and tasks like clearing the trap houses.

“Trap club encourages friendship and teamwork,” Coach Beverly Moore said. “I think it’s just them all working towards the same goal together. It builds sportsmanship and respect.”