Gems of Hope Recruiting Students

Gems of Hope is a Cedar Rapids-based organization.

Kaytee Rairdin

Gems of Hope is a Cedar Rapids-based organization.

Kennedy students in grades 9-11 have the opportunity to join the Gems of Hope Youth Advisory Board (YAB). 

The board helps fundraise scholarships for students affected by cancer in the area.

Gems of Hope is a non-profit organization made up of representatives from surrounding high schools. Participants offer support to local cancer patients currently receiving medical treatment.

Community workshops are offered to patients and their families to create hand-crafted “Gifts of Hope”. These gifts include inspirational cards, serenity stones or circles, earrings and bookmarks. Close to 700 “Gifts of Hope” have been offered to patients in The Corridor’s hospitals each month.

Scholarships, local youth camps and school library programs are also available to families affected by the disease.

An annual volleyball tournament helps form a sense of community among the members, along with custom-made t-shirts sales and much more.

 By joining the YAB, students can build their resumes and spread hope in the community.

To learn more about joining the YAB,  visit the link below.