Kennedy Students To Take ISASP in April


"laptop" by utnapistim is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The ISASP will be taken on school-issued Chromebooks for the first time from April 19 to April 22.

Students at Kennedy High School will take the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) from Monday, April 19 through Thursday, April 22. All students will take the test in the building regardless of if they chose in-person or online learning.

Test-takers will be split into two teams to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Team A — students with last names beginning with A through K — will be taking the reading and math tests on Monday, and the language arts, writing and science tests on Wednesday. Team B (last names L-Z) will take them on Tuesday and Thursday. Seniors will not take the ISASP.

On the days of the tests, normal classes don’t begin until 11 a.m. Before then, time is allotted for two parts of the ISASP. Students should report to their assigned rooms by 7:50 a.m. for the test. To complete all five parts of the test, they’re taken over the course of the week. Additional information on ISASP scheduling was sent in an email to students and their families.

The 2020 ISASP was never taken by Kennedy students because school was canceled for COVID-19. This means the 2021 ISASP will measure two years of student progress. This is the first year the test will be taken online, as the last ISASP taken by Kennedy students in 2019 was a paper test.

To access the test, students need to shut down their Chromebooks for five minutes, then power them on again. Instead of logging in as normal, students should select the Apps menu on the bottom left corner of the screen and select TestNav. From there, they’ll receive instructions on how to access the test.

Students are encouraged to eat a healthy breakfast and get more than eight hours of sleep the nights before the ISASP.