yaD s’looF lirpA


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April Fool’s Day is a humorous and joke-filled holiday that takes place the first of April. 

Historians believe the holiday dates back to 1582, a time where France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. The Julian calendar began the New Year with the Spring equinox, which began April 1.

During that time, some people did not realize the switch of the calendars and believed the New Year started Jan. 1 instead of April 1. Those unfortunate people would then continue to celebrate until early March. 

Their mistakes then led to the situation being called “April Fools”, which included pranks such as sticking small paper fish to unsuspecting people. These fish are called “poisson d’avril” meaning “April Fish” in French. These paper fish were used to illustrate how gullible or easily “caught” some people were.

To this day, April Fool’s Day is still celebrated with pranks and surprises. Many people either make homemade prank devices or store-bought to surprise their families and friends. 

Pranks consist of anything from fake feces on the toilet seat, to toothpaste filled oreos, the contenders are creative when it comes to planning a prank. The most popular pranks consist of whoopie cushions on the chair and fake pregnancy tests.

April Fool’s Day brings laughter and fun times, and lets people show their creativity.

Do you have an April Fool’s Day prank prepared?