Keeping The Cold At Bay


David Blackwell

“winter landscape” by David Blackwell. is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Winter hit Cedar Rapids weeks ago, and it hit the city hard. Coldness pervades you wherever you go. It may look like a winter wonderland, but it is far from wondrous. 

Freezing temperatures and slippery ice are just a few of the dangers that come along with the winter time. With cold temperatures, vehicles can struggle to start or even stay in their lanes due to the slipperiness of the roads. Winter causes power outages, frostbite and hypothermia.

Staying warm is crucial in battling the hazards of winter. An easy way to keep warm is to layer up. Whether it is with blankets or warm clothing, layers preserve more body heat and stay warm longer on chilly days.

Hats and gloves are also essential when you decide to leave the warmth of your home. They protect your head, ears and hands from getting cold and help prevent frostbite. Scarves are a useful winter item as well; they keep your neck safe from the wind. 

A space heater is another tool used to keep warm. Space heaters warm the room they’re in for hours at a time. If the heater falls over, it will shut off immediately.. Space heaters usually cost around $13-57 at stores such as Walmart and Target.

Winter can be brutal, so it is important to stay warm and stay safe.