What’s Going on with Homecoming?


Jason Kline

Kennedy High School facilities damaged by the Derecho Aug. 10. The gymnasium was hit especially hard.

This year the dance will not be held in October. Is there still a possibility of a homecoming dance this school year?

Jason Kline, principal of Kennedy High School, said that it would not be possible for Kennedy to hold a dance at this time.

Linn County is currently in phase 2, which recommends limiting gatherings to 50 and 6 feet of spacing between people.  Given the nature of dances, I do not believe it is safe to have a dance,” Kline said. 

While a dance will not be possible at this time, the student government officers are working hard to ensure that it can still happen sometime in spring. 

Joseph Benedict, student government adviser, says they are still planning for a homecoming dance, yet a lot is still unknown. 

“It is our intent to put on a homecoming dance sometime after we return if it is safe to do so,” Benedict said. “The possibility of it being canceled remains depending on what health guidelines we need to follow. As Dr. Fauci would say, ‘we have to follow the science.’”

Even if a dance will still be held, The homecoming dance is the event many students look forward to in the fall. Unfortunately, Benedict and the student government group are holding back finalizing anything due to COVID-19 guidelines. 

“Certainly masks make sense but figuring out how to social distance would be a problem,” Benedict said.

It’s difficult to plan a dance at this time. Morgan Gerst, sr., is a member of the student government and is hopeful that Kennedy will still hold a dance sometime this school year.

“With all learning being virtual until Jan. 19, students can feel disconnected and lonely. Planning a dance would help make the students feel a part of something again,” Gerst said. 

The answer as to whether or not the school will hold a homecoming dance is uncertain, but the student government is working diligently to find ways to make it happen, at a later date.

The dance is part of our school culture and tradition. That said, safety of our students and staff has to be a priority in this situation,” Benedict said. “It is a team effort to make sure we can safely host any event.”

While the dance has not been canceled, it has been postponed until COVID-19 guidelines lighten up.

I remain optimistic that we will be able to hold events someday, hopefully soon, so I am in favor of not outright canceling,” Kline said. “Once we determine when we can hold Homecoming activities in our gym this winter, we will see if a dance is safe to do.”