Resources for the Teens of Kennedy


Haylee Brewer

Kennedy student with their green bandana on their backpack, yet another source for students who need help.

We, more than ever before in Kennedy history, have access to resources that make life easier for students and their hectic lives.

The closest and most accessible resource for Kennedy students is the school counselors. For freshmen, Shawn Thomsen is your guide to Kennedy and its many amenities. For sophomores, juniors, and seniors, it depends on the student’s last name.

A-Dr Rachel Collins

Ds-Ja Elizabeth Wessels

Jb-Mo Tracie Guenther Yoke

Mp-Sh Lori Clore

Si-Z Andy Jacobson

Students are encouraged to check with their counselor regarding any problems they are having related to school. No matter how small the problem, they are willing to help you through it.

For those looking for help outside of school, there are many different therapy clinics in the Cedar Rapids area, including the Four Oaks therapy clinic, Cedar Centre Psychiatric Group, Tanager Place, and Heart of Iowa.

Linn County has a PDF of family and youth resources that are tailored to specific needs, whether it be physical therapy, family therapy, or individual therapy sessions. The PDF can be reached here.

For when there seems to be no way out, one can look for professional rehabilitation centers. The Mercy rehabilitation center in Cedar Rapids is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays.

When it comes down to feeling down, friends and family are almost always willing to help. Students should be able to have someone, whether professional or casual, who they can talk to about any problems and get a response back on how to fix it.