It’s a Team Thing


Natalia Semaan

The Kennedy Varsity Dance Team performing their pom routine at Prairie’s Stack the Stands.

Competing with the Kennedy Varsity Dance Team is an honor that freshman Grace Braden dreams about. She is currently on the team, but only as an alternate for competitions. However, being a team is not just about competing.

For freshman Grace Braden being an alternate is not a problem. She loves being part of a team that has an amazing bond. 

“Being on the team is my favorite thing because I still get to dance and make other friends,” said Braden.

Many of Braden’s friends on the team come from the class of 2020. The seniors are the leaders that will be leaving as this school year comes to an end.

“When the seniors leave it’s going to be different and I’m going to miss them a ton,” said Braden. “The seniors are the ones that bring the spirit to the team after being on it for the past four years.”

As Braden continues her freshman year on the team, she can not wait to be the senior that brings the spirit for the games, competitions and of course the pep assemblies.

Julie Wieland
Freshman Grace Braden ready to perform at a football game.