Infinite Struggles


Haylee Brewer

Student at Kennedy High School attempting to maneuver Infinite Campus on their new chromebook.

A change has come to the entire district which alters how students work. Kennedy has left Powerschool in the dust in favor of Infinite Campus and with that comes a plethora of new features.

Infinite Campus has come with many benefits, but also brought confusion. Problems can stem from technical issues, and people not fully understanding the systems. 

I was more comfortable with Powerschool and liked some of their programs better than Infinite Campus. I am sure, like anything, the more practice I get with it, the more competent I will become,” Tony Vis, social studies teacher at Kennedy, said.

The main issue is not understanding how to use Infinite Campus. Some common bumps include issues with taking attendance and incorrect schedules. There has been some conversation on the topic of training within staff.

Having more of a Beginners’ level course for those, like me, who need it would be my suggestion” Vis said.

Teachers have had some issues understanding how to use the software they are given, and students can’t find wanted features. Students are only given a few modules on canvas to learn, and are then left to figure out the rest on their own.

“If the modules don’t prove to be enough I think what we’ll do is have some things that teachers can use in maybe language arts classes or social studies classes to help students learn better how to use the google tools,” Jason Kline, principal at Kennedy, said. 

Change can be a jarring experience and it’s not easy to get used to, the district is doing its best to help and make it less of a bumpy ride. 

There’s really not much the district can do to help get over the bumps, but it’ll slowly happen naturally,” Aidan McGrane, fr., said.