Five Weeks of Smiles and Cries


Jami Martin-Trainor

Lydia Heskje, so., and Grace Ntanyungu, fr., studying for their tests and finals in French class.

By the time winter break rolls around, students at Kennedy highschool are going to be facing a strange scheduling occurrence. Five weeks of school without a single full week. That means that at least one day every single week, our normal bell schedule will be altered, and we’ll either get out early, or not have school at all. So, can we break down these five weeks of madness?

Week 1

The first week of break is usually true bliss. You get a full week of relaxation, where you don’t have to worry about anything; No school, no homework, and no stress. It’s the perfect time to spend with family and friends, or just stay bundled up inside and catch up on all of the shows that have been updating weekly. Many families give gifts too, which just adds joy to the holiday spirit.

“Christmas break gives you space and time to relax and not stress, and it gives you time to be with family,” Olivia Riley-Schmeltzer, so., said.


Week 2

The second week is much less enjoyable than the first. This is usually when the students who procrastinated doing their homework start to panic and have to cram in all the home work they got to do over break in a few short hours.

“There was a packet due in one of my classes, and I did it the night before school stated again,” Mawadda Tawil, so., said. “I completely for got what unit we were even on, or what the answers were.”

When school starts, it’s time for finals review. Teachers are finishing up units, and the practice tests and study guides are coming. It’s students’ last week to prepare before the dreaded finals week.


Week 3

Then comes finals. The stress can be overwhelming, but at the very least students get out of class early to relax after taking such hard and gruesome tests. Pencils hit the paper and fingers hit the keyboards as students attempt to answer questions to the best of their ability.


Week 4 and 5

The weeks after finals can be enjoyable, seeing as the new semester has started and your grades get to restart. Many schedules get switched, which means that there’s opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Both the fourth and fifth week after break there is a no school on Jan. 14 and 21 due to staff learning and staff progress reporting days, which gives us a total of five weeks, all of which contain early-outs or no school days.