Stressed Out about GPA


Mackenzie Joseph

Left to right; Kaitlyn Goldsberry (11), Ashlenn Tanner (11), and Mathias Timmerman (11)

When I see my GPA, my emotions start to twist, whether it’s a good or bad GPA, when I see the lower numbers my anxiety begins to spread. When I see a lower GPA, it brings me down and I start to get on myself and think “Why am I such a bad student?” It then stresses me out and I can’t think straight, because all I can think about is how low my GPA is. I believe it would be much easier on students and parents if we didn’t have to know our GPA until the end of the semester.

GPA is the grade point average and tells students how well they are doing in their classes all together. GPA’s were put in place to document how good of a student you are. But nowadays, some people slack on the homework but know the material or they know the material, but don’t score so well on the test, which goes to show; is your GPA really an accurate representation on how well you do?

Recently there has been more discussion that being able to see your GPA, might be causing more stress among high school students.

“Seeing my GPA makes me more anxious, because I don’t know if I’m doing well,” Ashlenn Tanner, jr., said.

She also stated that not being able to see her GPA would affect her negatively too.

There are a few students who don’t even look at their GPA and just don’t pay attention to their grades.

“If I wanted to know how well I’m doing as a student, I’d look at my grades,” Joy Finly, so., said. “My parents look at them, and start yelling when they see my GPA, and don’t focus on my grades. Which are not half bad.”

Seeing your GPA at the end of the semester would be more beneficial. Students can see how well they did for the semester and not have to worry about it changing. GPA’s deserve to shown at the end of the semester for less stress on students and to reduce anxiety.