Pink Tax

A phenomenon often attributed as a form of gender-based price discrimination is Pink Tax. The name comes from the observation that many of the affected products are pink.

An article by Gabby Epstein, Pleasant Hill, Calif., states that with all the inequality being demonstrated across America, it is no surprise that women are taking another hit. Big businesses and corporations have been taking advantage of women for years. They charge them more for products designed for women, that they need. This includes anything from razors, bike helmets, to even socks. Most women aren’t aware that this is happening to them.

Pink Tax is completely unfair. It is not reasonable for women to pay more for products they need. We need to raise more awareness to Pink Tax. Most females fail to realize the amount of money they spend more than men in a year to function, and have no idea that Pink Tax is occurring in our society.

Women pay $1,351 more than men each year on products. Women are more brand loyal, and ultimately, society expects women to look a certain way, which is expensive. The biggest issue is that it’s completely legal and companies who are accused of charging women more claim that it costs more to manufacture women’s products.

Retailers see females as targets to make more profit, and we do not deserve to be thought of as just money. It’s embarrassing that this is the society we live in, where profit is more important than gender equality.

Pink Tax is unfair and completely unnecessary. It’s a disgrace that women get used to buy products that cost more money only for corporations to make more profit.