Is it Really Insatiable?

Warning: Minor Spoilers for the Netflix series Insatiable


Netflix’s official poster for Insatiable.

When Netflix posted the first trailer for their new show Insatiable, the Internet was mad. Teens and adults across the United States thought that the show would bring negative consequences regarding mental health and body image.

The plot the trailer revealed was that the main character, Patty Bladell, got punched in the face and lost a considerable amount of weight because she had her jaw wired shut. After coming back to school with her new body, Patty decides that she wants revenge on all her classmates who had bullied her in the past for being “fat”.

The trailer pinned the show to be another ‘fat girl gets skinny and all of her problems are solved’ type story, however, when I actually watched Insatiable, I though that the story went a lot deeper. It showed how losing weight won’t fix everything that is wrong in your life, no matter how much the main character thinks it will.

The storyline itself was weird to say the least. The plot jumped around several times and went into so many different directions. In one episode the plot was focusing on a romance blossoming with the main character and one of her love interests, and the next she was having a demon exorcised out of her. Although I didn’t like the jumpy plot, I will say that the randomness of the whole show added to the comedic value, because the show goes places that you would never expect from a Netflix series.

The show also had lots of representation, from a transgender character to people of color playing many major roles. They did not shy away from inclusivity and brought up many social issues that shed light on things that aren’t talked about much, such as feeling feminine enough as a transgender woman, or feeling confident with your body image, even if you don’t have a ‘perfect body.’

So even though the plot wasn’t my favorite, I thought that the show was pretty funny, and I even laughed out loud a few times. The series was a satire comedy, and I think that people who are interested in this genre would really enjoy the series Insatiable.