The Wedding Singer: Seniors’ Last Musical


Jamison Prull

Senior James Tolly as Sammy.

Josh Sheeley, Writer

Kennedy High School put on a play that is called The Wedding Singer, a musical re-enactment of the original movie. With the play being the last of the school year, it will be the seniors’ last play of their high school career. The musical opened on April 19 and continued until April 21.

One senior that is on the cast is Kennedy Wilson. She is a veteran in the Kennedy show world, having done three Playtime Poppy shows, two fall plays, four spring musicals, and two student directed one acts. Out of all the plays Wilson has done, her favorite play memory is playing Kaliope Darkwalker in She Kills Monsters her junior year.

“It was such a fun, adventurous role and I felt like the cast bonded really well and became friends,” Wilson said.

When asked about how the musical was coming along she said,

“I feel like it’s going really well, we’ve already started running the whole play and were working with the band, so everything is really coming together.”

With the Wedding Singer being the last play of the year, it also means that this will be Wilson’s last play as a cougar.

“I’m sad that the Wedding Singer is my last show because it’s the end of my time acting with all my friends from school, but even though I’m sad, Mr. Hayes and Tolly, as my directors, have taught me so much, and I’m excited to use my knowledge and skills they’ve given me to continue my acting in new places,” Wilson said.

Senior James Tolly, is playing the role of Sammy, the main character’s best friend, in his last musical in Kennedy’s theatre department. Like Wilson, Tolly is very experienced in the theater department here at Kennedy. He has been in two plays, five musicals, four Playtime Poppy shows, and has been involved in four one act plays.

Acting in so many shows at Kennedy over the years creates lots of memories for Tolly. His favorite was when he was in Elf Jr.

“I had the most fun I’ve ever had just getting into my character and making kids smile,” Tolly said.

Since this is Tolly’s last play as a cougar, he wanted this to be a great musical.

“I love this musical, as it’s been my favorite one to be a part of, and I think people are really going to like how goofy it is,” Tolly said, “I was the one who really wanted to do this show, and I can’t think of a better way to go out.”