Other Options


During high school, many students think that the only option for them after high school is college. Many are not aware of the surplus of opportunities that can lead to success that don’t involve merely test taking.

Auto-Mechanics teacher Barry Wilson explains one way of achieving success after high school. He discusses how taking his classes during the four years as a high schooler can lead to immense success.

“You can take my classes as a freshman or sophomore, then go to the regional center as a junior or senior, and becoming certified in welding or Auto-Mechanics,” Wilson said. “Then you can pick up free college certificates, and have the ability to make $35,000 the day you graduate.”

Councilor Andy Jacobsen discussed the benefits of apprenticeships, which can allow students to make money while they’re learning. People can advance their craft with hands-on work, that can give an individual an idea of the work environment.

“Most people think that apprenticeships are only in the construction trades, and that’s true, but there are apprenticeships in a lot of different industries,” Jacobsen said, “There’s accounting, engineering, automotive, and dozens more.”

Another option that many students are not aware of is Job Corps, which is an 8 to 15-month tuition-free training program for students ages 16 to 24. Students can train in one of 11 high growing industries, where they can learn skills that can help you when you establish a career.

“The job corps is a great opportunity for students to participate in, although there are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled, but if you are able to it is a great program,” Jacobsen said.

Freshman Olivia Riley-Schmelzer who has goals to become a dermatologist or a children’s therapist, plans to enroll in the army after high school.

“Enrolling in the army will help me be able to attend college later in life, and my parents won’t have to pay nearly as much after I’ve served,” Riley-Schmelzer said.