Book review: P.S. Your Cat is Dead

Bailey Zaputil

P.S Your Cat is Dead by James Kirkwood (5 out of 5)

Even though it’s reaching its fortieth anniversary this year, “P.S Your Cat is Dead” by the co-author of the Broadway musical, “A Chorus Line“, is still a novelty in today’s literature with its unique ideas and tolerance on sexuality – specifically, homosexuality.

After losing almost everything – his job, his best friend, his girlfriend – failing actor Jimmy Zoole is just about to give up. That is, until New Year’s Eve, when he catches Vito, the cat-like gay burglar who has been stealing from him for months. Now, with no one left to talk to, the two form an unusual bond over drugs, pranks, ex-girlfriends, gay pimps, and grieving over lost best friends.

Jimmy and Vito’s relationship is pure hilarity. They fight, scream, and mock each other at first, but as the night goes on a real tenderness develops between the two, and there is a lot of chemistry as they open up about their pasts.
A well rounded book, the humor and blatancy of a topic still tip-toed around in today’s literature makes it a fresh and mind-opening read. Where many books that include gay sexuality tend to cut sexual orientation as a clear cut trait, James Kirkwood toys with these lines and blurs them.

Overall, it’s a hilarious, touching novel, that is sure to offend readers as well as amaze them with it’s boldness on sexuality that many teenagers and adults may find hard to face, but whether you love it or hate it, this novel will give you something to chew on for a long time.