Book review: Scorpia Rising

Bailey Zaputil

Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz (2.5 out of 5)

The final book of the Alex Rider series, Scorpia Rising takes places on British fifteen year old Alex Rider’s final mission as a secret agent for M16. In this last mission, Alex sets off to finish the international, rich terrorist group Scorpia, the organization that murdered his parents. Now, with Scorpia’s plans set in the Middle East, Alex must not only defeat Scorpia, but the enemies of his past. With unexpected twists and a thrilling ending, this is a must for any fans of high-tech adventures and complex plots.

As with any Alex Rider book, it is filled with unbelievable gadgets and gizmos. Horowitz is a master of describing setting, characters, and weapons – but often at the cost of the reader’s interest. The elementary and almost childish style of Horowitz’s writing contrasts deeply with the graphic and gory scenes of the plot, which often causes a discordance that makes it hard to stay with the story. The format of the books also makes it difficult to be interested in the villains’ goals and character. As any veteran Alex Rider fan will tell you, they are just throw away characters. Still, it manages to grab you back at the end with a shocking twist that leaves no room for a next novel.