Kennedy Students’ Advice for Job Shadows


Job shadow online applications are due on Sept. 20. For any questions and more information, see Mr. Goodlove in room 56 or visit Kirkwood Workplace Learning Connection’s website.

“Make sure to keep an open mind during the job shadow,” Olivia Schirm, jr., said.

Job shadows allow students to explore careers that they might be interested in.

“A piece of advice for people who are doing a job shadow is to be yourself,” Kaylee Koenighain, jr., said. “Job shadows really helped me decide whether or not that was a job I was interested in.”

During the job shadow, students will learn from other worker’s job experiences.

“You need to thoughtfully prepare for this experience,” Alaina Beaman, sr., said. “It’s kind of like a presentation set up for the students who are seeking the perfect career.”

Students should research about the career that they are interested in, so they can ask questions.

“The great thing about a job shadow is that it allows you to discover if it’s the right fit before you make a commitment,” Elise Williams, sr., said.

Williams is interested in writing and editing but discovered that working for the newspaper wasn’t the right fit for her.

“Treat it professionally,” Mackenzie Pattridge, jr., said. “They are there to help you decide on a career for your future so take advantage of that.”

Students should bring a notebook to take notes and pay close attention to all of the details the job has to offer.

Pattridge suggests students who are going to a job shadow to, “show up early and look at all the materials students are given beforehand.”

“Expect to learn a lot about the career and also be prepared to find out that, that might not be the career for you,” Williams said. “It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend that others give it a try.”