“Young Frankenstein” makes its way to the stage


Elizabeth Barrett

Kyle Huber, sr., Moira Green, sr., Brandon Koch, sr., and Michael Shea, sr., at the “Young Frankenstein” musical practice.

Jenna Anderson and

Students got a sneak preview of Young Frankenstein during school hours today. Performances are scheduled this week — on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

As the start of a new season arises, hard work begins on Kennedy’s 2017 spring musical.

“This year’s musical is called Young Frankenstein, it’s a comedic twist on the classic ‘Frankenstein’ tale,” Kennedy Wilson, jr., said.

The musical originates from the horror/comedy film “Young Frankenstein” directed by Mel Brooks in 1974.

“The musical is about the grandson of Victor Von Frankenstein, Frederick Frankenstein, and his journey to Transylvania where he finally embraces his family heritage and creates a monster of his own,” Julia Schulte, so., said.

As the film gained more positive reviews, “Young Frankenstein” became a Broadway musical in November of 2007.  Language arts teacher Mr. Tolly, and science teacher Mr. Hayes, worked together to select this popular musical.

“I think this musical will be just as funny and enjoyable as all those in the past, if not more since it’s almost pure comedy,” Schulte said.

The main cast consists of Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, Igor, Elizabeth Benning, Inga, Frau Blucher, Inspector Hans Kemp, the Monster, Ziggy, Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein, and the Hermit.

“There’s about 50 people in the whole cast, not including the tech crew and band,” Wilson said.

Aside from the main cast there is the ensemble, which consists of approximately 30 various roles.
“We practice almost every day after school and a lot of us come in on weekends to help build the set. Those with lines work on practicing memorization,” Schulte said.

As show time gets closer and closer, practices increase in length and full “run-throughs” of the entire performance are done to perfect the show.

“I think this musical is definitely going to be lighter and happier than some in the past, but it will still be a blast, as always, for the audience and performers,” Wilson said.

Even though it is a light-hearted comedy, “Young Frankenstein” conveys a beneficial message to the audience.

“I think the theme is not to rush into judgement and to embrace where you came from,” Schulte said.