Jazz Art Cover Winner Announced

Freshman student takes home the win


Lauren Stangl

The 2017 Jazz Art Cover Design award-winner is by Kennedy freshman Lauren Stangl.

Lauren Stangl, fr., is taking home $100 for her win in the Iowa Corridor jazz art cover contest.

She learned about the contest from art teacher Amanda Finley, who challenged students in Foundations of Art class to come up with a cover.

“It was a lot of fun creating the design,” Stangl said. “Knowing that you can create something that will be used for other people’s enjoyment means a lot to me.”

On Monday, March 6, the jazz band will perform at The Paramount Theater in Cedar Rapids. Stangl’s cover will be displayed and she will be recognized her for her participation in the contest.

Stangl’s friends encouraged her to enter, as it was optional to actually submit a design, and she ended up submitting two.

“To be honest, the other design I created I liked much better,” Stangl said.

Her favorite color served as the main shade and Stangl’s color inspiration was incorporated twice more in the design, which also features a musician playing a saxophone against a nighttime city scene.

In middle school, Stangl played the saxophone and the instrument is also her favorite among the jazz family. She was inspired by including the background of the city at night because she is a self-proclaimed night owl.

“I was shocked to say the least [about the win],” Stangl said. “When I read the email I was stunned all I could think was that I had won. All in all, I was really happy that my design was chosen.”