Fresh perspectives

What’s it like the first year at Kennedy and exploring new opportunities?


“Take advantages of the new opportunities,” Avery Hanson, fr., said.

On Aug. 23, freshmen began their first year at Kennedy and exploring new opportunities that opened up for them as high school students. There are a variety of clubs and activities to be involved in.

Hanson is involved in student government and student council, along with being part of the swim team.

“There are many chances to be involved,” Hanson said.

Hanson likes the size of middle school better because he knew almost everyone’s name. With high school being a lot bigger it’s hard to remember the names of the kids in your classes, let alone remember the name of every kid in your grade.

Freshman CJ Currie thinks Kennedy hallways “are always crowded and the stairways are hard to get up and down” with so many people, making it a challenge to get to class on time. But, the many lunch options and the privilege to drive to school are a few of the advantages that Currie likes.

“I also like that in high school students get to pick their classes, a feature that’s unlike Middle School classes. The wide variety of classes I’m taking this year is nice,” Currie said.

Freshman Isaac Scott enjoys the freedom of SMART lunch and having time to do school work during the day.

“SMART lunch is great because it is extra time to do homework in school rather than having so much to do at home,” Scott said.

Scott likes the break between his morning and afternoon classes, and enjoys hanging with his friends in classrooms while being productive and getting to do work.

Hanson also appreciates SMART lunch.“You’re either at a tutorial, in the library doing homework, or participating in a club or activity. It is a great way to be productive,” Hanson said.

He says he works hard to keep his grades up, though it’s hard when being involved in many school activities. Some of the classes that Hanson takes are entrepreneurship, performance P.E, advanced geometry, and biology.

“I will admit it is hard getting good grades. But as long as you do your work high school isn’t as stressful as everyone makes it seem,” Hanson said.