Lip Sync Battle


Mr. Kline on the right against Dr. Carlos Grant on the left ready to battle

“I haven’t had much time to rehearse so my performance should be interesting,” Principal Jason Kline said.

The Community Schools Foundation has contacted all principals in the Cedar Rapids Community School District to participate in a lip syncing battle. Kline will be lip syncing to the Beyonce song he performed in last year’s pep assembly, this Friday night, Nov. 11. with back up dancers: Dana Melone, Jessica Bell and Hilary Nekvinda.

This lip syncing battle is a fundraiser for the Community Schools Foundation and money will be used to support field trips, purchase updated technology and reimburse teachers for supplies they provide for students.

The event is held at the CSPS Hall and is open to adults above the age of 21. Alcohol will be served at the venue. Tickets are available online and cost $50.  

“I mean with this kind of talent it’s not going to be cheap,” Kline said.

Many other district members will be present in the battle with planned out skits and performances.

“My biggest competition is the principal at Washington, Dr. Carlos Grant. There is also a group of librarians who work at the Cedar Rapids Public Library who seem pretty serious about their show,” Kline said.

The winner is decided on the amount of money each lip sync team raises. At the end of the competition, the top two candidates with the most amount of funds will face off and whoever is more preferred by the audience will win.

“A giant trophy is awarded to the winner and I feel with a little practice I might be able to pull it off,” Kline said.

If you would like to increase Kline’s chances of winning, vote for him online here.