Multiple sport athletes focus for their future


As athletes get older, the activities they focus on become even more crucial. Many find that it is too difficult to play multiple sports at a high level, so they tend to focus on one or two.

Brinley Milbrath, sr., was a three sport athlete. She played volleyball, basketball and track. This year, she has decided to quit basketball.

“I decided to quit basketball to focus on volleyball and my future,” Milbrath said., “I want to refine my skills in volleyball, and I am doing that instead of playing basketball.”

Many athletes have to make the choice between playing one sport or the other. Usually this is because they want to play one in college.

“I am definitely going to miss basketball, it has been a part of me since I was six years old,” Milbrath said., “Basketball was the first sport I ever played, and I will forever love the game.”

Some people decide to quit sports to focus on other things, and some use that time to get a job.

In this case, Milbrath wants to not only become a better volleyball player, but she wants to do something to help herself build a resume.

“I am getting a great opportunity to work with Lynn in the training room,” Milbrath said, “She is showing me what athletic trainers do, because that is what I hope to become.”

Although many people believe playing multiple sports can be a challenge, Milbrath claims you meet many new people and it shows you how to work with a busy schedule.

“Balancing everything can be challenging at times,” Milbrath said., “But it’s also super fun, and it prepares you for life.”