Jacquelyn Herr

Jacquelyn Herr works in the special needs Autism program at Kennedy. She plans on retiring at the end of this year. She had this to say:

“Ten years ago after my youngest son graduated from Kennedy, I accepted a position as a para-educator in the Autism program. I came into my position thinking ‘I will really be able to help students and make a big difference in their lives.’  But within a very short amount of time I discovered that I was the one being helped by them.  These special students have changed my life forever and I am grateful for each one.

“Kennedy is unique to me because my four boys went to school here. Our family is Kennedy loyal. We were involved in PTA, Booster Club, and continue to follow many sports and activities.

“My husband also retires this year and we both look forward to our volunteer work and spending more time with our seven grandchildren.”