Kennedy wins high octane fanatics

Caitlyn Fisher, Writer

Kennedy High School was awarded a $500 check as a result of winning “High Octane Fanatics”. “High Octane Fanatics” is a web-supported campaign that recognizes sports fan during the annual state wrestling and basketball tournaments. Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Stores (PMCI) staff, along with a local fuel and convenience store owner, presented the check to school officials during 3rd hour on Tuesday.

“High Octane Fanatics” chooses one of many tweets expressing school spirit during these tournaments each year. This year Caitlin Driesmeier, so., was chosen as the winner for her tweet during the boys’ state basketball game on Wednesday, March 11. Her picture with Shelby Williams, so., was tweeted while they anxiously waited for the game to start.

Dreismeier has chosen to put the money toward prom for the class of 2017.

“We need the money for prom and I feel like it could really help make it more fun and memorable for us,” Dreismeier said.

As well as getting to decide how the $500 dollar donation is spent, Dreismeier also gets to keep the large, styrofoam copy of the check.

“High Octane Fanatics” will continue this campaign each year during state wrestling and basketball tournaments, giving students yet another way to cheer on their classmates.

“The spirit of Iowans during state wrestling and basketball is contagious and electrifying,” said Dawn Carlson, PMCI president and CEO. “PMCI is honored to be a part of that spirit through the sponsorship of a contest that directly supports numerous communities throughout the state.”

Marshall Petersen, a member of the PMCI Board of Directors, explained that local businesses have tremendous impacts on communities in Iowa.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to celebrate school spirit and embrace the way of communities come together during the state completions. It’s memorable experience,” Petersen said.