Nice script if you can get it

Caitlyn Fisher, Writer

Timing is everything in a musical. Lights, sound effects, and scene changes all have timed cues. Timing was everything in obtaining the rights for “Nice Work If You Can Get It”. The rights for the musical were released on March 22nd, 2015, nearly three years after its Broadway premiere on April 24, 2012. As Kennedy had recently been denied the rights to “Chicago” they were scrambling to find another option for the spring musical.

“They only said that about one in 20 applicants receive the rights for Chicago.” said Nick Hayes, director.

After a musical ends its debut on Broadway, it usually is followed by a traveling show before the rights are able to be applied for. As the traveling show ended in late March, Kennedy is one of the first high schools in the nation to apply and be accepted for the script rights.

Although it’s based in the prohibition era, “Nice Work If You Can Get It” was written with a more contemporary dialogue making it easier to understand than recent Kennedy shows. The script was written around the musical works of George and Ira Gershwin. Although the plot line is not necessarily relatable to students at Kennedy, “it’s extremely hilarious” says Brennan Urbi, jr.

Following the story of a playboy settling down and and a few criminals looking for love, and a place to hide their “hooch”, the musical puts a comedic twist on a classic era. With a classic score and modern dialogue, “Nice Work If You Can Get It” appeals to all age groups. Doors open for Kennedy’s opening night at 7 p.m. on April 23.