Science students hit the road

Brant Barnhart, Writer

After one year without having one, yesterday the Kennedy Science Roadshow was back as they took their first planned trip of the year to Franklin Middle School.

“We send high school students to seventh grade classrooms, and the high school students do little science experiments for the middle school students,” science teacher Joan Steinmetz said.

The students did experiments from all of the different branches of science such as biology, chemistry, and physics.

The Science Roadshow was started six years ago with one goal in mind: to get students to enjoy learning science and to encourage them to take more science than the required three years when they go to high school.

“The Roadshow was started six years ago with some students who wanted to get seventh graders interested in science,” Steinmetz said.

One of this year’s students is Anna Frerichs, jr. Frerichs got involved with the Roadshow because of the Science National Honor Society, and this is her first year participating in the Roadshow.

“I did a physics experiment, we did light refraction and energy friction,” Frerichs said. “There were a lot of cool ones like cookie mining, and there was an experiment that used dry ice.”

Like most things that involve school related material, there were some kids who don’t care, and some kids that find it exciting and like to participate. Frerichs says that this was her favorite part about doing the Roadshow.

“I like interacting with the kids when they are excited about it,” Frerichs said.

Steinmetz also agrees that the students’ interaction is her favorite part.

“I just like the fact that the high school students go to interact with middle school students, and try to get them to like science,” Steinmetz said.

Although most of the students involved with the Roadshow are from the Science National Honor Society, anyone can participate.

The Roadshow has three more shows planned for this year: Taft, Wilson, and another trip to Franklin.